Friday, March 23, 2012

Pegasus "German Army Infantry 1939"

Well, this is the rest of the pack. These are the Pegasus 1939 German Infantry. I'm sure you agree about how great the poses are!

 Shoot for that window!

 Pretty useful and rare as figure: Riflegrenade

 The "Spieß"

 I wonder how "comfortable" running must be with a handgrenade sticking in your boot...
 I might have given this guy the wrong weapon, as he has MP ammo-pouches...


  1. These are some really nice poses on these figures and you've done a great job with the camera as well. When I visit all you guys, I see things I can improve in my own painting. Highlights being just one of them. Nicely done!

  2. Great painting and the photo angles are good as well. The cart...what make is it?

    1. Thanks Paul :) The cart is partly scratched. I bought two carts on single sprues when I was at a Modelfair in Mainz last september.
      Since the upper structure was too ugly to be used, I created my own :)


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