Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finished Squad Part 1

I managed to finish the figures I was working on last week. I'll start with the non-Pegasus-made figures:

Matchbox Afrika Korps

 Revell Afrika Korps

Same figure

Airfix Afrika Korps

Revell Afrika Korps

Same figure

Italeri German Elite troops

Same figure

I especially like how well both grenade-guys go so well together, even though they are from different manufacturers! The figure that causes most pain is the italeri one. Whatever raised spot you touch, paint rubs away instantly. I cleaned this figure with alcohol, primed it with vallejo primer (which goes perfectly with all other figures), painted it, sealed it with gloss varnish before inking and finally applied three coats of matte varnish. And still.
On the other hand, I heard of people who had absolutely no problem with lately bought samples of this set.
Maybe I got an early, bad charge... Whatever.
I like how the figures turned out. 
I'll post a review on the Company B decals used here as soon as possible (well one word for the meantime: The helmet-eagles are selfmade...)


I'd like to specially mention Service Ration Distributions AARs on the Operation Bagration Game, as it was such a great pleasure to read and view. We all should cut a slice of this quality! 



  1. Nice work Mojo!
    I didn't have any troubles either with Italeri's figures..perhaps you won the lottery. Don't let that get you down!

  2. Lovely work Mojo, waiting with interest about the decals....

  3. Excellent work on these guys.

  4. Nice work on these bad boys!

  5. Great work on some old favourites.

    Cheers Rich.


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