Sunday, January 29, 2012

Splittertarn 31 1/72

While the third PSC Panzer IV is on it's way, I'll show you a test-paint figure.
As I said wrote before, I bought some Ceasar German Infantry with Camo-Cape (which is actually a "Zeltbahn", dear Ceasar-Folks ;) ).
I was evaluating wether its possible for me to recreate a Splittertarn Zeltbahn.

Well it is. But it's a hell lot of work:

This figure is not washed yet. But I'm not entirely sure if that's needed at all.

I used the special Vallejo colors for Splittertarn (Panzer Aces Series).

How do you like it? C&C welcome!

Welcome Steve ( and José Manuel Chasco (!


  1. Very nice work !

    Perhaps you might bring out the shade a bit more.


  2. That is a nice figure. Love the way you've done the grass at the base.

  3. Neat bit of painting and nicely based

    -- Allan

  4. You´re getting better and better! Aweful work, Mojo!


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