Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hanomags with tarps, PSC Panzer IV and other stuff

Hey Guys,
after I was on an involuntary trip to the hospital this week, I'm back and feeling fine again.
Before I went away, I got some stuff done. The vehicles from last post are now ready for
decals and weathering:

The ICM Sd. Kfz. 222
The Hasegawa Sd. Kfz. 7/1 with brass gun barrels

The PSC Pz. Kw. IV
I thought "Dude, these Panzers are sooo cheap, you really need to do experiments on those Schürzen!"
That's the first result of trying to "personalize" these cute little buggers. I think I can really recommend these models to all wargamers with a good conscience. They are pretty easy to build, they look really neat, and they come cheap and in masses ;)

Ok, you remember those? Armourfast Sd. Kfz. 251/1. Maybe this kit is the best that armourfast ever released, still I am not very pleased with it. I worked a lot on those, beginning with milling out all the plastic between the roadwheels, throwing away those fucked up (excuse me...) benches and so on. Especially the interior is so bloody undetailed, I still could instantly throw up. How can one sell an open-top vehicle without any mentionable details??
There were 2 options: Make the details by yourself (Hahaha! Never ever.) or cover this empty mess up.
Said. Done.
Number one:
Yay, a convertible ;)
Number 2:
Commander on parade
Some time ago, I bought this neat little "Preiser Motorisierte Infanterie"-Kit (See here) but due to the lacking interior-detail I refrained to waste all those guys on these Hanomags. On the other hand, I could not wait to see, how these figures turn out, because they look soooo good on the sprue, so I managed to fit the tarp in a way that the commander can provide some overview.

All the models are still pretty bright, but that will drastically change during weathering. I hope you like the tarps! If anybody is interested in how I did those, leave a comment and I'll put up a tutorial these days.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Great work all around. I really like the pattern of colours used.

    Put up tutorial please on the tarps!

  2. Those look great thanks for sharing.

  3. I really like the camo scheme.


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