Thursday, October 27, 2011

EA, this sucks.

Look, it's just like that. All day, you are really looking forward to finish your work, get home and start playing this game you spent a fair amount of money on.
So got home, the internet-connection is down. No problem, the neighbor helps out of the misery. All is going well so far. Now start this origin-thingy you installed yesterday. Hmm, takes quite some time to load on this new Nasa-Computer which I bought for this game.
Ah here it is! Click play... Wait again. C'mon, are you kidding me? What's taking so long?
Oh, new dialogue.
"There is a problem with activating your game on this origin account. You are logged in as "
Awww. That sucks! What's that shit all about? Why do I need the 102349th client to register a f*cking Video game?

Honestly. I thought the start of my Battlefield 3 carreer would look a bit different.
EA & Origin, I'm really pissed. You screwed it. Suckers.

LOL. It keeps getting better :D :D :D look at that:
I'm clickin that Help-Button.

It leads me to the EA-Help center. This "Learn more" sounds promising. Lets click it! :D
Make sure, you're seated...

It says:
Unsure how you ended up here, this place doesn't even exist!


  1. That sucks blue whale ass my friend, did you get it sorted?

  2. No... This morning, before I went to work, I turned on my computer, just to see, if something happened on the ea-side. Yeah they noticed the problem :) Instead of telling lies "Your product key cannot be activated for this account"
    and scaring the shit out of me, they now say something like
    "We are aware of some problems with activating certain games. We are working on it and appologize for the inconveniences."
    The only valid answer to this hint can be:


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