Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspiration Modellbau in Mainz: Behind Omaha #1

 These days, I will show you some pictures from the Exhibition Inspiration Modellbau (Inspiration Modelmaking) in Mainz, Germany. We have set up my Demotable to advertise our non-commercial (and german only :-/) ruleset "Behind Omaha".

I won't be able to post a full scale AAR on many of the games, because we were repeatedly "interrupted" by people showing interest and I don't remember all the battles of these two days... Also, when I was not playing, I was shopping or making models most of the time, so I only managed to get a glance of what happened ;)

Lets start off with some pictures from the first Battle: Me(Germans) against Edi(Soviets)

The pic above shows the initial table setup with the soviets on the far side and the germans right in the front.
As you might be able to see, there's a german halftrack burning, having a complete 10 man platoon in its belly. Also the Pz. Kw. IV on the left has taken a hit. In return, I damaged a (hidden) T34 on the left, killed a Jeep in the tablecenter and also killed a T34 standing on the left behind the burning jeep.
My other halftrack is blocking the way through the bocages on the right, reducing the possibilities to break through for the soviets.
Afterwards a harsh butching took place where my tanks got killed by T34s and a soviet AT-Gun, and some T34 went up after a fearless infantry attack with "Haftladungen".
In the end, both armies were kind of immobilized, so we decided this to be a draw.
It was a really good battle which began really bad for the germans, but I managed to turn the table ;)
Above its Edi on the left and me on the right :)

These are the models of Daniel, aka. Kraehensang

A battle between Germans&Romanians vs. US&British troops
"Fredericus Rex" with "Plasticwarrior"
Plasticwarriors Armies for sale :(
Wiking Paintworks (visit his Blog here!) with his girl (she's painting too!) :) As always, he's doing some really fine stuff :)
They were presenting his Irish Guards-Army and their skills...
 Me and Jan-Martin before our small Demo-Battle: 1 Panther against 2 T34, both sides had an equal infantry platoon.
Battlefield decoration...
The new setup. We were just using the 2 farmost modules to enable parallel games.

 I managed to immobilize one of his T34s and damage the other, before my Panther was immobilized too and my infantry got fried... ;)
Good job, Jan!

 The next battle was as harsh as the one before. It was me against Blutvogt (visit his Blog here!) I had a setup which I found kind of unfair afterwards: Flamethrower Tank Pz. Kw. III, two Paks, an infantry AT-Team and a Jagdpanzer IV.
 Against 2 Shermans, a Greyhound, a GMC-Truck, a White scout car and a Half-Truck with an infantry squad on each one of them.

The Greyhound passed the bridge and was instantly killed by the Jagdpanzer IV which was able to open fire in it's first round, due to superiour range.
The convoi with its soft-targets advances down the road, right into hell, while the Sherman hides behind the wall, watching the debacle begin.

 The Sherman sets across the trench, showing its flank to the Jagdpanzer IV and a Pak-Team, which means certain death...
The other Pak dealt with the White Scout car, which was badly damaged. The Squad managed to get out, and rallied beneath the Bocage.

Next round:
The Pak finishes the White scout car, while the Flame Tank moves out of the bocage and fries the whole squad which managed to emerge from the White scout car.
The Panzerjäger-Infanterie-Squad followed the Flame-Tank and got a glance of the GMC-Truck which obviously tried to get away ("Augen zu und durch" - Shut your eyes and run like hell). But with two Panzerschrecks in his back, he did't get far. The Squad inside was burnt alive... :-/
What's remaining? The Half-Track and a Sherman. I really don't remember what happened to the Half-Track, but the Sherman hid in a bocage-corner and was afraid to get out. I think at this point Blutvogt withdrew from Battle.

As I said before, the setup was pretty unfair, but we just wanted to do a short presentation game for the visitors and it worked. It was pretty short ^^
I hope Blutvogt is not depressed and I guess next time, he will put some more value for his points on the table ;)

That's it for the first post, there are some more to come!

Cheers, Mojo


  1. Good pictures, sounds like a good time, looking forward to more.

  2. Excellent photos, there's some really great looking and games here.

  3. Missed it...to much work and a bit too far!! :-(
    Great pics..good to see Conny (fredrex) and Colette (Wikings girlfriend) and Florian (Wiking) and a pic of you.
    Next year!!!


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