Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Faszination Modellbau Karlsruhe 2011 - An Expo

I'll share some impressions from the Faszination Modellbau exposition in Karlsruhe, Germany from the last Weekend (26. March 2011)...

I'll start of with a shop from the Netherlands that was new to me and presented some of their own 20mm figures: MBM Models >LINK<
I am sorry for the bad pic...
Rather fascinating to see, what Lego seems to sell outside of Germany:

Ok, now a go for some models and landscapes:

A big-size "Tante Ju":
An also pretty big "Dornier Pfeil":
Some nice Dios in 1/35:

An aircraft carrier in 1/72! Never seen something like that before in this scale!

Some really nice docks and some more ships... I am not really into ships, but I liked the harbor scene:

Now something that really blew my mind: The perfect "gaming table" for a battle for the "Ruhrpott" game, shown by Märklin:

Very nice to see: Selfmade timberframe buildings:

Finally an elder Modeller, that makes photorealistic rock formations from burnt wood... Impressive:
There was a lot more to see, but I was a little lazy with shooting pictures.
I hope you like it!



  1. Missed this one...to be honest..I didn´t know about it at all. Thanks for the pictures

  2. Maybe I should provide some more information.
    There were three big halls:
    1) Trains
    2) Planes and Ships, often RC
    3) (Partly RC-) AFVs and other military things off all times, RC-Trucks, RC-Race Cars, RC-Offroader.

    So to be honest it was a little unbalanced :-\
    But as always, its in our hands ;-)

    Greetings, Mojo


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