Monday, January 17, 2011

Another small game

Yesterday we met at the club house and had another game with almost the same setup as last time... Only a few Mortars and machine guns , as well as an armoured Transport and an armoured Anti-Tank-Halftrack more, as Edi bought some new stuff on Saturday ;)

This time its not gonna be a complete game report, only a few pics...

We have set up a house-roule:
If vehicles fire upon each other, you do not only have to roll for armour penetration, you also have to roll for a hit before. With a perfect line of sight, you need 4+ to hit, if the vehicle is in light cover and you are able to see about the half of it, you've got to roll 5+ to hit. If you can only go for the Turret, you're gonna need a 6!

This rule brought us near to frustration... During the whole game, my Panther did not score one single hit. There were also some zero-hit-rounds on both sides... tzzzz.

 Again, Edi had the better hand in killing the vehicles, while I managed to reduce his amount of infantry drastically, which kept him from capturing Points and left them to me.

This was unfortunately the last pic taken.  This was pretty much mid game.
I think I need to reread the rules, to see if vehicles can manage such almost "barrel on armour" shots as you can see between the Panther and the SU or the Halftracks with either the Panzer IV or the T34.

In our Forum I was asked about the value of the Sd. Kfz. 251/22 in Battle. I guess normally, this thing will be killed rather fast, maybe after firing one or two shots on its own. But with our house rule (about hitting), these vehicles enable some really good tactical options, because they move faster than tanks and are not as easy to kill.

Thats all for today! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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